Brent  Latin

My name is Brent Latin. I was born, raised, educated, and currently reside in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am a part of the 2007 Class of CE Byrd High School and a 2011 graduate of Louisiana Tech University where I received a bachelor's degree in accounting. Media and music has been a part of me all of my life! In my spare time, I love paintballing, playing basketball, and traveling. Fun fact, I've never been fishing.

Dezerra Wesley

Executive Assistant

My name is Dezerra Wesley. I'm originally from Tyler, TX. I attended Bossier Parish Community College on a cheerleading scholarship and earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration during my time there. In my spare time, I love to craft.

Creative Director/Editor


Gaston - Loyd

I'm Whitney Gaston-Loyd, a Shreveport native with a knack for storytelling and an eagle eye.  I attended Southwood High School where I became a state champion and received All-State and All-Area recognition for girls' basketball.  I was also a 4-year member of the Cowboy Marching Band. After High School, I earned my bachelor's degree in Multimedia Journalism from the Historic Grambling State University.  That was when I truly uncovered my love for bringing stories to life through motion picture.  In addition to cinematography, I also enjoy writing/listening to music, watching films, taking Polaroids, looking at clouds and eating tacos.

Josh Warren

Media Operator/Editor

My name is Josh Warren. My love for film began with a Spike Lee joint entitled , “He Got Game”. In my spare time, I often use a camera. However, when I am not doing camera work I am participating in hobbies or spending time with family. Mental and physical wellness are extremely important to me so my hobbies include: jiu jitsu, weightlifting, running, video games and writing music. I am married and have twin daughters who are almost a year old. My happiest moments are spent with my three ladies. My motto is that of my church, and that is to love God and love people. To summarize me as a human being is simple. I am a man of God, my Family and the Arts. 

Marc Smith

Media Operator/Editor

How goes it? My name is Marc Smith. I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. I graduated from C.E. Byrd High School. Prior to my cinematography career, I spent my young years working on F18 Jets, being a fulltime Firefighter, and working in a dispatch center answering 911 calls. In my leisure time, I enjoy extreme kayaking adventures and cooking. Fun Fact: I've seen the Office 3 times seasons 1-9.

Avery Shaw

My name is Avery Shaw, and I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, where I lived and attended school until my family and I moved to Bossier, in Spring of 2006. I graduated from Airline High School in the Spring of 2010, and in the Fall, began my undergraduate degree at Bossier Parish Community College studying Telecommunications. From there, I transferred to Louisiana Tech University, and made my Ruston my home for the six following years. I have recently moved back to my hometown with my wife, Katelyn, and newborn son, Cooper, and I am so excited to be back!  My interests are reading, writing, movies and film studies, and my family and friends, and an unusual fact about me is that I have a talent for celebrity and character voice impressions.