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Our professional recording studio located is located south Shreveport, Louisiana. We record all genres of music while offering expertise in mixing, mastering, and producing original music. Book your studio session now! We produce all genres of music. Our studio specializes in transforming ideas into great sounding pieces of art. Equipped with the ability to record multiple tracks, our studio can record bands or setup a mobile station for on-site live recording.


Our professional equipment allows for crystal clear audio recording and is equipped with multi-track recording. 


This process is essential to a great sound. Mixing involves leveling, processing effects, panning, and editing.


This allows an industry sound. In mastering the entire track is processed with compression, stereo imaging, multi-band exciters, EQs, and ultimately maximized for top volume.

Custom Music/Production 

Productions tailor-made for an artist is an important feature of our studio. Our engineers sit down with the artist and conform every sound and rhythm to the ideas from the artist. 

Voiceover Session

Recording Session

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