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Get Noticed (more) on Social Media

As the Social Media Specialist and content creator at YPE, I'm often asked a lot of questions. The top question is how to grow an account. No matters the platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, or WHATEVER, they all are fueled by the same gas: engagement. These are my top two tips to help grow your engagement.

1. Be Consistent

What's the point of social media if you aren't posting? You can't engage your audience if you don't have any content. Post! Take pictures (they don't have to be selfies). Post a quote. Share a thought or article. Post a funny video. Whatever you choose to post keep at it.

2. Engage

Even if you post consistently, you've GOT to engage with your followers on your posts and theirs. This is more important than most people realize. Just posting something and leaving it does no good. Your post shows up in the newsfeed of others more when you engage in the comment section. Have you ever commented on a celebrity's post and they commented back to you? It makes you feel sort of special because they responded to you. It's the same with your post. Although you may not be famous, your followers will continue to engage with what you post because you're responsive.

You're probably saying "Just TWO?! That's IT??" Don't worry. I've got more. You've just got to come back next time.

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