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The Endless Rise of Streaming!

Do you remember the days when in order for you to watch your favorite tv shows you had to watch it live in real time or you just missed it? Audiences around the world would have to wait months in hopes that the show gets picked up for syndication in order to watch the reruns.

After decades of limited options and recording over wedding tapes. Viewers no longer had to watch the same major broadcasting and cable channels to see groundbreaking television. One company would come along and change not only how we would watch television but what we watch. This may be shocking to learning, but way back in 1997, Netflix launched their DVD delivery service to compete with the world famous Blockbuster at the time. For the next few years Blockbuster and Amazon would make an offer to purchase Netflix, but their founders had other plans in mind.

Netflix took the world by storm when they launched the first ever streaming media service app, introducing video on demand via the Internet. With this major leap from broadcast and cable television, it allowed studios and actors to branch out from the norm. Opening the door for filmmakers to take their creativity to the next level.

As streaming became more popular, the world was more open to Hollywood Blockbuster hits and Primetime TV crossing. This industry has grown faster than anyone could imaging. Now you don't have to go to a traditional movie theater or watch only one episode. Streaming became the most profitable way to reach audiences and fans at the exact same time. And thanks to social media, viewers can enjoy every minute together helping to boost ratings.

Rather, it's binge watching across multiple devices or enjoying the next Marvel movie from the comfort of your own home. You can now tune into your favorite shows and movies whenever and wherever you choose. With more than 20 big name streaming apps and thousands of original content released year round, what will entertainment for us be like in the future. Well, I believe we'll see that change sooner than you think.

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