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Back to School!

It's that time of year yet again. We are all actively buying school clothes, supplies, and this year contemplating on-campus or virtual (darn covid) learning. Whichever way one chooses to take up learning this year, consider ways to accommodate all students.

The best way to include all faculty, students, and parents is to go virtual! Virtual events can still be fun and engaging while still being safe for everyone. "How would I do that?" one might ask. YPE is fully equipped with the ideas and tools to bring your virtual event to life! The possibilities really are endless!

Last year we had the chance to work with a few Caddo Parish Schools to do just that. My favorite video had to be the one below. The students had a blast. The faculty was fun and for a moment in time, everything just seemed RIGHT.

YPE would love to help create the same feeling for you! Contact us today to see how!

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