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Edit For Your Life!!

What makes a good video or film stand out from the pace? Editing of course! When telling a story effective editing can help improve any writing and scene look and feel.

Have you ever been watching a show or a movie and thought to yourself... Why am I crying? Well that is not just because the writer or the actor is telling a compelling story but the editor is pulling at your heart strings with sound effects, dramatic close up, and stretch out pauses in between the dialogue.

Editors can also prevent any technical errors or out of place props from being seen from the viewers eyes, but even big budget projects misses things. We all remember the coffee cut scandal. Check out this video of some errors that made the final cut.

If you're wanting to step up your editing skills start by watching music videos, tv shows and films that resonate with you. Study It! Mirror It! & Watch it... Over... and Over Again until your story telling is what has everyone on the edge of their seats.

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