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In Honor of our Roots

With the Juneteenth and Father’s Day this weekend and Mother’s Day in last month's rearview mirror, the summer is an excellent time for families (especially families of African descent) to take time to honor their roots. Centuries of traditions and oral history have been lost to the Atlantic Ocean and the merciless soils of the American south, leaving many African-Americans without traceable record or recollection of where they come from. Understanding one's family history and lineage is an irreplaceable gift that will stand the test of time in uplifting and motivating descendants of that tree.

Recently, I have discovered my own desire to learn more about my predecessors in search of commonalities and glimmers of hope that may have radiated from the cotton fields of rural Louisiana. Although there are websites available to do genetic testing or help you search for documents, these tools are quite futile without the help of a parent or grandparent to give you a head start in discovering major

branches of your family tree that were gone long before yours budded.

Fortunately for me, I have 2 grandmothers who are sharp as a tack (ages 89 and 100!) and were able to tell me information about their parents, aunts and uncles, and even grandparents! I realized early on that these talks needed to be preserved so that family after me would not lose the last pieces of the bridge that connects the old and new world, so I decided to film our chats. This will allow these pieces of history to live on forever and provide guidance to family members who are curious about where and who we come from. This documentation will also serve nicely as a starting point for those who want to discover the branches of their own family tree. This clips I’ve filmed are the starting elements of what will become my family's legacy video in several years time

Here at Young Pros, we understand that heritage and legacy is important, which is why Legacy Videos are one of the services we offer that reside close to our heart. If you have a family where the matriarchs or patriarchs are still living, having a Legacy Video created is a great way to preserve these stories so they can continue to be told for decades to come.

Contact us today if you are interested in having a video created to document your family history.

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