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Lights, Camera Mise en Place Part 1.

If you know me then you know that I was in fact a chef. I even still work catering events on the side. Why? It is simple, I am a follower of Bourdain’s school of thought. It is no wonder why I also have a love for video. Bourdain’s show entitled Parts Unknown as well as his literary work entitled Kitchen Confidential shaped me into the professional that I am today.

Mise en place is a term which refers to a cook’s ingredients. For example, a sauté station will likely need its proteins, vegetables, sauces, herbs, oil, butter and seasonings all to be prepared before it is time for a dinner service. You may ask, why am I talking about food? Well, it directly correlates to the realm of media. When we go to a production we have our Mise en place. In this case that includes our camera, mics, SD cards, cables, tripods, lights, power supplies, monitors and batteries among other intricate pieces. I would even wager to say that the realm of Video production demands more attention to detail than cooking a five star meal does, but that is simply my opinion.

More correlations and trains of thought will be covered in part two of this blog series. Stay tuned and stay hungry my friends.

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