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Lights Camera, Mise En Place Pt. 2

As promised, I will continue my banter about how the culinary game relates to the realm of media production.

Have you ever attempted to cook a meal at home and it did not quite turn out the way you wanted it to? Cooking, like many art forms, is not always performed best by adhering to so called 'absolutes'. The process of a video production includes many intricacies. Those which include settings for color and lighting. The only way to ensure a consistently perfect product is through repetition and study. Like following a recipe in the kitchen, If I use the same camera settings on one shoot then do the same thing on another shoot just because one variable is the same. I am not accounting for the fact that the sun may be in a different position in the sky causing my subject to have too much light. Or, my subject may have a different skin tone than my last which will make their video harder to edit.

I cannot use the same exact amount of seasoning on every piece of food,

because there are subtle differences and variables that fall into every situation no matter how similar they may seem. This is why a great chef will demand that you constantly taste your food in the process of cooking. And this is why a great media producer will demand that you are always monitoring every aspect of your production with great attention.

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