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Press Record! (Not on the Camera)

We like to think that YPE is pretty established in the SBC. While not EVERYONE knows us, we are pretty well known. When you hear our name, what comes to mind? Most people immediately hop to our video production projects.

We love video production and it's our most recognized service these days, but it's actually not where we started (GASP!). We actually started off as a recording studio. Yes, you read that correctly; we used to primarily record music for artists near and far. Sometimes they sing or rap and sometimes a band will come in just to make an instrumental. We've recorded a variety of genres from rap, gospel, blues, folk music, so much more. The talent that we get to witness is always amazing.

Last year we moved from Downtown Shreveport to the Southern Hills area and we were able to really build out our ideal studio space. It's spacious with modern flare and all new equipment. It's the perfect place to step up to the mic.

Today we still have many clients that come in to record songs, but that isn't the only recording that goes on in our studio space. We've recorded many voiceovers, monologues, and even audiobooks. Basically, whatever needs you have for a recording studio, YPE can take care of it! Come on in and step up to the mic.

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