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So You Want to be a Filmmaker...

We all have big dreams of becoming filmmakers, but how do we know if we actually have what it takes to be one? Is filmmaking a long-term or short-term thing for you?

If you're working on a project now, determine how your current project will help you make your next one? This simple question will open your eyes to the difference between filmmakers who are just looking for something to do and those that serious about making this a career. A lot goes into making a film such as developing, shooting, editing, and marketing. Making a film can take years.

Everything can and will go wrong during every stage of the production, and your ability to solve those problems that come your way will determine the kind of filmmaker you will become.

One of the biggest differences between a career filmmaker and a hobbyist is maturity. Luckily for you, sites like YouTube and Master Class are available. Use these resources and others to help guide you into become the creator you're meant to be.

In this video, Crimson Engine offers up advice and knowledge about why now is better than ever to follow that dream of making a film. As well what it means and what it will take to have a career in filmmaking.

What qualities do you think make filmmakers career-minded? What has helped you on your journey?

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