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The Summer of Weddings [Videography to Capture Your Special Day]

When we think of Summer, we often think of places we would like to visit, or vacations we would love to take. Thoughts and memories of sun kissed beaches and wilderness treks always seem to be at the forefront of our minds, with the long days dipped in heat and light, it can conjure up the yearning to enjoy the time with the people we love. But, the Summer of 2020 was a bit different.

While most of us had so many concerns, questions, and anxieties that plagued our days during that summer of distressing ambiguity, there were many who suffered an additional hardship: Weddings.

With the quarantine restrictions in place, by the time Summer/Wedding season rolled around, most couples were unable or unwilling to engage in a celebration that might put so many of their loved ones at risk.

This past weekend, I attended a wedding that has been over two years in the making. The couple’s original date was set for June of 2020… then August… then indefinitely. They have been together for twelve years, so it was no surprise (although quite a relief) that their ceremony took less than fifteen minutes. You could physically witness the comfort that these two people finally felt at getting to embrace as husband and wife, at long last.

And they are certainly not alone; if you’re looking for the best way to capture the momentum and joy of your special day, Young Professionals Entertainment would be honored to help.

If the old adage is true that, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” what is a complete catalogue of that day worth?

A quality video production using innovative equipment and expert filmmaking techniques will allow for the most comprehensive, emotional and accurate rendition for couples to cherish again and again, forever. Memories might fade and alter with time, but we are in the business of preserving memories as a gallery preserves art: permanently. Hiring a videographer for your wedding day can take a huge load off of a bride’s/groom’s shoulders, and can cut the necessity altogether for hiring a photographer’s services.

So, as we enter into the Summer, YPE would love to help counteract the

discouragements of last year. Call our offices at (318) 759-7767 and or my personal contact directly, (318) 505-3648 and to schedule a video production for your wedding, and keep

the memories of that day alive, forever.

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