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Top 5 Best Video Ads [4 Digital Marketing]

When you think of an advertisement, what comes to mind?

Is it your favorite scene from Mad Men? Those cheeky little Geico or Progressive commercials? Whatever the answer, most people have one or more advertisements that have affected them in a certain way. Maybe it was humor, empathy, or our ability to connect, but something about advertising -when done right- can speak to the most intimate parts of our psyche.

So, what makes a great ad?

Well, that's a simple question with a complex answer, depending on who you ask. But, simply put, I believe the most important element for an effective ad is asking yourself, "How contagiously relatable is this content?"

Or, phrased another way, "How will this affect my target audience?"

Well, for that, you need to know exactly who your target audience(s) is/are. This can be achieved through the building of Buyer-Personas to help better understand and recognize the potential clients most apt to do business with you.

But now you're thinking, "Well hang on. Some ads are shown to millions of people, who have very little -if anything- in common, and still seem to produce an effect." So, how do you create an ad that is almost sure to gain traction in people's minds and on their social media? Focus on the Key Factors that make for incredible advertising, consistently, and begin brainstorming.

These Factors include Humor, Educational/Informative content, Shock-Value, Interactivity, and Emotionally Inspiring.

Here are examples of each Factor, integrated into a digital marketing format, that will hopefully make clear what "contagiously relatable" means:

With the title, Dollar Shave Club has already prepared its audience for the experience of their commercial. So, before they've even pressed 'Play,' the interest in this advertisement is present.

Next, we follow Dollar Shave Club's CEO around their warehouse, where a series of ridiculous scenarios and exaggerated situations cycle through to present an incredible product and service.

Let's face it... as incredible and as necessary as this service was when this commercial first premiered, this ad is the reason this small business is now a Billion Dollar company.

  • Educational/Informative Content - YPE "Goodwill Vote Video 2020"

This video, produced by Shreveport production company, YPE, is a great example of informational content. It provides clear direction for audience members, and goes to show how simply effective video content can be. Research shows that people retain the message from Video Content nearly 85% better than traditional banner text and image ads, alone.

This brand of content is perfect for businesses who serve niche markets, PSA's, and much more!

If you've been on YouTube in the last few months, chances are you're familiar with this one.

Right out the gate, you're likely to see heads turn who haven't already seen this ad, as it begins with (allusive) curtains drawing back to reveal our actress lounging on a sofa, "Hello, and welcome to my vagina."

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen people (men in particular) whip their heads around at the sound of that word playing in an ad, and that's the vital element that makes this ad work. It commands your attention simply by stating the word for a body part we don't often discuss in public. By grabbing that attention, you've ensured that your audience will likely sit and experience your ad in its entirety.

These series of Deodorant and Body wash Ads, which began in Spring of 2010, redefined Old Spice's target audience, injecting some much needed fun and youth into their products' formulaic presentation.

These ads alone are credited with increasing Old Spice sales that year by over 30%, and other brands like AXE and BOD were soon to follow suit.

This ad remains at the top of the chart, however, for its originality and influence over the entire culture of advertising. In fact, this series presents the first time that a large corporation produced an interactive marketing campaign (having the actor, Isaiah Mustafa, answer questions Live through Facebook comments) and the results speak for themselves, as Old Spice is no longer considered "your grandpa's scent."

Now, this one is not digital, and it might be a tough pill to swallow, but there's no denying the effectiveness of this ad and the goals its striving towards.

The calm nature of the ad's first minute or two develop into a sense of foreboding disaster... but those words come up short when describing the content in this video. It is visceral in its approach, presenting the mature and saddening narrative of the video, whilst still delivering the emotional punch that makes its message clear and uncompromised.

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Dec 25, 2022

Hello! I've seen similar videos before on the topic of the top 5. But this is the first time I've seen the top 5 commercials. I especially liked the way you added text to your video. I take it that you used this site to add text online? If so, could you help me do that?

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