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Why Audio Can Make or Break Your Production

Sound is extremely important because it engages your audience. Adding great sound to your production helps deliver information, it increases the production value, evokes emotional responses, emphasizes what's on the screen, and is used to indicate mood.

There are 3 types of sound that you may hear in any visual production. Those being music, human voices, and sound effects.

Imagine watching your favorite action movie, but here’s the twist...NO SOUND.

You can simply get a good example of how important sound is in any production by turning off the volume. You’re practically missing out on half of the story at this point. You then will lose some of your viewers because they now have less to connect with. With no sound, you miss out on the emotion of how someone is feeling in that current moment.

On the flip side let’s now set our focus on having great video quality but lacking audio quality. 4k quality doesn’t mean much when your audio quality is not matching it. Some KEY things to remember to get great audio quality no matter what equipment you have.

1.) Limit Outside Noise / Wind

2.) Position Microphone as close to subject as possible without being in the frame

3.) Plan for Great Sound! It doesn’t happen by accident.

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