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7 Quick Tips to Improve your Production Quality INSTANTLY [ A Quick Read]

Cameras alone don’t necessarily improve your quality of video production. There are many variables that affect the quality of the final image that your audience sees. Imagine watching a video that looks 4K crystal clear, yet there are some things missing. Things like story, overexposed shots, and lack of proper framing. There are many ways to keep your audience engaged and improve your production quality at the same time.

Here are some ways how your Production Company can improve your INSTANTLY.

  1. Good Lighting

  2. A variety of B-Roll Footage from different angles

  3. Good Composition & Framing

  4. Inserting Aerial Footage

  5. Using an External Microphone instead of a Microphone plugged directly into camera

  6. Having a well-planned Script / Outline

  7. Keep the shots uniform (Be Consistent)

There are many more ways that you can improve your quality. However, these are 7 quick tips that you can implement TODAY to see results instantly. I hope that this helped whoever reads this in any way. Which tip was your favorite?

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